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Madeira Colts Cheerleading

Madeira Community Youth Cheerleading Organization (MCYCO)

The Colts cheerleading program is open to youth in Madeira entering grades K-6 in the Fall of 2024. Cheerleaders in grades K-2 cheer on members of the flag football teams. Cheerleaders in grades 3-6 will cheer for the tackle football teams. All cheerleaders will be grouped by grade level.

We welcome your young athlete to join us as they learn the fundamentals of cheerleading through our Colts Cheerleading Values:

CONFIDENCE:  With the support of good friends around them, cheerleading with your squad helps instill confidence. It takes courage to stand up tall in front of bleachers full of fans and lead them in cheering on the team. We want all cheerleaders to feel proud of their abilities.
TEAMWORK:  Cheerleading teaches you teamwork. The ability to work with peers and coaches to achieve a goal will carry over into non-cheer life, too!
WORK ETHIC:  Cheerleaders often excel at things outside of the world of cheerleading, like school, jobs, other sports, clubs, and hobbies. We have fun, but we also work hard!
ATTITUDE:  Colts try to have a great, positive attitude. This is contagious!
PATIENCE and PERSISTENCE:  It takes time and patience to learn the cheers, and how to cheer as a squad. You will be amazed at how much these kids enjoy practicing outside of practices!
ATHLETICISM and STRENGTH:  Cheerleaders are athletes. It takes coordination, memorization, body control, physical exertion, jumping, stretching, etc.…All while exuding a positive attitude!
SPORTSMANSHIP :  Cheerleaders' outward display of respect during games epitomizes character development. As crowd leaders and spirit raisers, cheerleaders are the team behind the team.
LEADERSHIP:  Cheerleaders motivate and support their teams. This is a great quality of leaders. They also have opportunities to step up and lead the other cheerleaders in cheers/chants, as they can “call the cheer”


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